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Where is the best place to sail in Greece?

Greece has so many wonderful places to enjoy sailing. It has more than 1400 islands and 13.676 klm (8.498 miles) of island and mainland coastline, which makes it the largest coastline in Europe. The most popular sailing areas are the Cyclades complex, the Ionian Islands, the Dodecanese Islands and the Sporades complex. In order to decide what is the right destination for you do not hesitate to ask us.

Which are the sailing qualifications to skipper my chartered yacht?

You are required to have a sailing certificate in order to charter a bareboat yacht. Please consider carefully that in order to charter a bareboat yacht, at least two members of the crew should have a sailing certificate or at least sufficient qualifications. This is for us to assess, through a resume of your sailing experience that we will kindly ask you to complete.

What is Security Deposit ?

In the contract you will see that you have to leave a deposit that varies according to the size of the yacht. This ensures that you are responsible only for that amount of money for any loss or damage may be caused. Every yacht is insured against any damage that exceeds that amount. At the end of your charter the Security Deposit will be refunded back to you. We accept for that amount of guaranty cash or money bank transfer. Personal checks are not accepted. There is also the possibility of insured deposit. Feel free to request for more information about this type of guaranty.

What is the standard check in-check out procedure ?

There is a standard procedure, which is being followed when taking over a bare boat: The check in takes place at 17.00 o'clock approximately on the first day of your charter. The check out is arranged at about 09.00 o'clock in the morning of the last day of the charter period. Usually the charters start and end on Saturdays and last for 7, 14 days or multiples. However, we can make any special arrangements in order to fit your schedule if it is necessary. This means that we can arrange the location and the time of your check in and check out according to your wish, if possible, and according to your timetable. Keep in mind that you are responsible of returning the yacht at the pre-agreed place and time. If, by any case, you are unable to do so, due to bad weather conditions for example, please inform us the soonest possible. The most famous sailing areas in

How Will I Adjust to Daily Life on a Bareboat Charter?

On a bareboat sailing charter, you may be up close and personal with one to six other people. If you are enjoying privacy, catamarans offer more room and stability than monohulls do. That said, there are no secrets on a boat, so whether it is an argument or an upset stomach, you’ll be sharing them with the rest of the crew, regardless of the boat type. Additionally, boats away from the dock must be self-sufficient, which means you will need to manage trash, water, and power. Like to sleep in air-conditioned luxury? An open hatch and a light breeze may not keep you comfortable enough to sleep, so keep that in mind when you book a particular boat. You will also need to conserve power by turning off lights, fans, and stereos. Picking the right place and the right boat will ensure that you have the time of your life as you tick off items on your bucket list.

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