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Sithonia, Yacht Charter Greece

The middle "finger" of Halkidiki, Sithonia is rimmed with charming little ports, long, sandy beaches, thickly wooded areas and villages by the sea. Starting out from Nea Moudania, the paved road leads to Olynth, an ancient Athenian colony of which some ruins remain. Gerakini has a wonderful sandy beach, translucent waters and all the amenities of a modern tourist resort. A detour takes the visitor to scenic Ormilia, the villages of Metamorfossi and Nikitas and their superb beaches lined with pines. From the beach at Nikitas, visitors can glimpse the chimneys and red roofs of the old houses. Of particular interest around this region are Early Christian churches of the 5th century. The visitor's wandering to the beauties of Sithonia continues to Agios Nikolaos built amongst green woods, to Pirgadikia, offering an island atmosphere and a view to Mount Athos, Vourvourou and Ormos Panagias, with its enchanting coves and fishing caiques (fishing boats) at anchor. Next come the villages of Sarti, Sikia, Porto Koufo, Neos Marmaras. Everywhere one will find natural small harbors, lovely scenery, small boats, caiques and fishing nets spread out to dry. On the south side of Porto Koufo - at the site of ancient Toroni - one can still see the ruins of the old fortifications dating back from ancient to Byzantine times, as well as the ruins of Early Christian basilicas.

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