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Kassandra, Yacht Charter Greece

It is located at the west point of the three peninsulas, with endless stretches of beach and pine forests, dotted with pretty little villages. At Petralona village, the cave with the same name (800 m. outside the village) is well worth a visit. It is situated at the foot of Mount Katsika. This is a cave of important palaeontological interest. The overall length of the routes is 1900 m. of which a section of about 600 m. has been opened for visitors. It is decorated with all forms of stalactites, stalagmites, columns, discs etc. Research begun on 1959 and it was named Kokkines Petres (Red Stones) when it was first discovered. At this area, 34 unique species of fauna were discovered and classified and in 1960 the earliest skull in Greece (about 200.000 years BC) was found by chance. It is difficult to estimate its chronology as it presents a mosaic of advanced and archaic anatomical features, denoting genetic affinities with both Homo erectus and the Neanderthals. The above finds are now housed in the Palaeontology Department of the University of Thessaloniki. There is also a palaeontological museum next to the cave.

After a scenic pass along beautiful sandy beaches, one comes to Nea Poteidea, built upon the ruins of the ancient Corinthian colony of the same name. Further there are more beautiful beaches and fishing villages such as Nea Fokea with its Byzantine tower lapped by the waves, the tiny traditional village of Afyto, Kallithea where are the ruins of Zeus Amnion sanctuary, Kriopigi, Polychrono, Chaniotis, Pefkochori, with thick vegetation and beautiful sandy beaches. The coast of Paliouri, offers a fascinating scenery where travelers can anchor and enjoy the fantastic panoramic view of the area. The journey continues on the west coast, passing through the villages of Agia Paraskevi, Agios Nikolaos and Kalandra. The fishing villages, Nea Skioni, Possidi and Siviri, offer lacy beaches and the freshest of seafood served with good wine and hospitable atmosphere at the small seaside tavernas. The next is the famous beach of Sani surrounded by a dense pine forest.

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